Pre-Loved Dolly Adoptions

A brand new Waldorf doll is quite frankly financially out of reach for many families. We have been there. Sometimes even making one yourself is just not doable at a particular moment in your busy life. We feel so strongly about the importance of every child having access to a doll that we are offering a resource of pre-loved, gently used, more affordable dolls.

If you find you have a Waldorf doll (all shapes, sizes, styles, makers... ) that your child has moved on from, please consider donating it for adoption by a new family.

Send it as is. We will clean it up and do any repairs, give it new life, and send it off to its new, waiting wee one. 

Most Pre-Loved dollies will be resold at a price of $25 and free shipping, $10-$15 for little dolls.

Donate Your Pre-Loved Friends:

Where's Waldorf?

PO Box 609

Gaston OR 97119

Please feel free to share your dolly's story and journey thus far. Does he/she have a name? How old is your dolly? Any special memories you'd like to share with their new family?